After an active day experienced in or around our town, our guests can truly relax at our spa and wellness area.

Our wellness area is your oasis of relaxation. Let your mind wander and relax in the pool, steam room ar sauna or in a soothing massage.

Stay fit

In order to stay fit, our guests can access the fitness room where they can excercise weight lifting, stationary bike or pilates workouts on available gym mat.


Within the lobby nearby the reception, there is an industrial style designed cefeteria whereas you can enjoy your stay in a stylish way while having a cup of coffee or sipping on your favourite drink, checking and printing your emails, listening to calming music, chatting about your experiences lived throughout the day in our city.

The staff at the Apart-hotel KASMI reception work full-time hours and they can also help you with advising and organizing excursions and sight-seeings.
Free private parking place accesible for every hotel guest.

Dining AREA

A large 120 m² dining area with terrace is available at our hotel, whereas you will enjoy your breakfast which is included in accommodation price. Special attention was payed to the decoration of the dining area, so that your day starts by eating your breakfast in the most inspiring ambient.

By following the rule that a successful day depends on the way you start your morning, we at Apart-hotel Kasmi have taken care of providing our guests with the most refreshing breakfasts for starting their vacation days, so that they are positively energized for the rest of the day.


A special space is provided to guests that are spending their vacation at our Hotel, but which lead an active life in which they have to finish various tasks or business, even if on vacation. For this purpose, a computer room is available, wheras our guests can check their emails, access and browse the internet, get insight into stocks or whatever the guests needs are, and even have their documents printed.

In the century of digital exchange and lightspeed communication, working, answering emails or completing tasks on your vacation has become inevitable.

Apart-hotel Kasmi has thought about the needs of this type of guests, by providing a room where they can finish their tasks and take care of business that can’t wait in a calm and silent surrounding.