The city of Ulcinj

Ulcinj/Ulqin is situated on the very south of the Adriatic coast. it is recognized for its largest number of sunny days on the Adriatic Sea, and has approximately 20 km of beaches, 15 km of them being fine sandy beaches.
This area streches between 19*22’30”and 19*8’30” and 41*5’6” of the northern latitude.
Ulcinj/ Ulqin is surely a town that you have to visit, after you leave, you will be missing it!
With a rich tumultuous history, and a breathtaking natural heritage, it is a place of a million colors. Furthermore, it is a town that has a heart, so that when you visit it, even if not physical, you will feel it’s invisible embrace, cuddling you, warming you with it’s sun, and refreshing you with it’s seawater.

Wether you search for an active holiday, sunbathing on one of the many sandy or rocky beaches, or wether you plan on truly relaxing in peace and quiet by enjoying the bluest sky and greenest olive trees, Ulcinj/ Ulqin has it all!

We truly hope that this city will be your next vacation destination, and that you choose Apart Hotel.